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10 things to do during quarantine that serve the whole world

We live in an exceptional moment in time. This could be, and I pray it will be, a turning point in life. If we will learn the lessons, we will live in closer contact and with greater respect for nature again, we will take much better care of our health and change our priorities in general. What are you learning in this period? What shifts are happening in you?

Although here in The Netherlands and in many more countries, the authorities ask us to stay home as much as possible and when you have symptoms of Corona. If you absolutely need to go out, keep a distance of 1.5 meters. Yet great masses of people go out to the beach, parks, et cetera which is very worrisome. For a lot of people it is very difficult to stay home. They run into the walls when they cannot do their ‘routine’. Their mind will go so wild, that they ‘have no choice’ to escape it and go do something in order to calm it again. Or for me, to get the chocolate box and eat some.

So the best outcome of this quarantine would be if we find the way inwards, with a lack of possibilities to go outwards. Of course you can still watch every series on Netflix or spend hours on social media, but what if we use this time to find more peace in ourselves? To learn about ourselves and understand ourselves better? Know Thyself is an ancient and priceless advice. It makes life easier, you’ll experience less tension in your body, you will have less conflicts with other people, you will gain wisdom how to deal with others and understand that everyone has their own path and lessons to learn. There is great peace in knowing and accepting yourself.

Thoughts come and go. Often we take them very serious. There is however no (eternal) truth in thoughts. Byron Katie shows that with The Work in a beautiful way. Everything comes to pass. As my yoga teacher said some weeks ago: Thoughts come in through the front door. Open the back door so that they can leave again. If you find that you’re drinking tea with them at the dining table, kindly show them the way to the back door. Other teachers refer to thoughts as clouds. If you lay in the grass, you can look at them and see them pass in front of your eyes. The winds keeps them in motion. Also practice this in your mind. Be sure to say goodbye to thoughts. Especially the ones that bring turmoil. Let them pass through your mind instead of clinging to them and entertain them. Parachute yourself out of your train of thought, each time you become conscious of it. Over and over again.

1 Rest.
You deserve it and it’s good for your immunity. This pandemic is an enormous gift to most of us in the sense that our world slows down big time. Most of us are working from home, our rhythm is off. There’s no dinners or going out at night. There’s no ‘doing fun things in the weekend’. We cannot even visit our parents in the elderly home. A good night sleep is very helpful for good immunity. Something that you want in this day and age. Sages often say: the hours before midnight count twice. So try going to bed earlier than you normally do and go to sleep as early as 22h. Maybe use Lavender essential oil, or Roman Chamomile to help you calm down and relax and get some good night sleep (rub on your feet or pulse or put a few drops in a diffuser). These are trying times not only with regards to physical health but surely also for emotional balance!

2 Have a heart to heart conversation with a loved one.
How often do we truly and authentically connect from our heart with our loved ones? How often do we take the time to share how we feel or even better, listen to our partner sharing from their heart? We talk about what we have been through during the day and our experiences, but sharing from the heart is what’s truly precious. Put your tablet away for a moment, shut off your phone. What are you happy about? Why do you still love them? What fears are you experiencing? What are you worried about? Are you afraid to fall ill? Or maybe you are afraid that they will get sick. Do you have a deep fear to die that is coming up? Can you allow these feelings or do you fight them? No one expects you to be superman or -woman. Ask each other before you go to sleep what you are grateful for. It’s great to fall asleep with gratitude in your heart. There is always something to be grateful for. If nothings else, that the sun came up this morning and you’re still breathing! Sharing your vulnerable side connects like nothing else.

3 Make a healthy meal together with your partner.
Now more than ever is the time to prepare healthy meals that help your body’s immune system, cleanse and support your body’s functions. Making dinner together for the family can be lots of fun. Eat vegetables, fruit, nuts, wholegrain products. Drink lots of (warm) water and add lemon and ginger, great anti-oxidant, antiseptic and virus fighters. If possible at all, choose organic food. Do not drink cow milk, eat cheese and yoghurt, because this stimulates the mucous in the body that can become a (lung) problem should you get the virus. This is a great time to try rice milk, almond milk, oat milk or any of the other great variaties! Also cut down on meat and sugar, because of their effect on your immune system. Unfortunately our food is depleted from vitamines and minerals. On top of that, fruits and veggies have lots of pesticides on them. To get rid of these, let your fruit and veggies bathe for 5 minutes in water with 2 or 3 drops of Lemon essential oil. Supplement with a pure Vitamine C and a high quality multivitamine. Don’t take the cheap ones at the drug store. They are stuffed with cheap, synthetic materials and if you want to sustain your health you need natural ingredients that your body is happy with instead of wants to get rid of ASAP ;) Your intestines also need to be in good shape. A quality (pre and) pro-biotics gives your gut the bacteria it needs to fight off intruders. On Guard blend is een olie met o.a. Kaneel, Wild Orange en Kruidnagel die je immuunsysteem ondersteunt. Air blend met o.a. Pepermunt, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Tea Tree en Ravintsara ondersteunt gezonde luchtwegen.

4 Read a book that nourishes your mind.
There are so many incredible books that enrich your mind! All the books of Deepak Chopra, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, any book from Byron Katie, Think and Grow Rich from Napoleon Hill, A Return to Love from Marianne Williamson and if it calls your heart: A Course in Miracles. Just to name a few.

5 Watch a video that brings your spirit alive.
On Ted-X, Gaia, Netflix and I’m sure many other channels you can find pearls of wisdom if you know what to look for. I Am Not Your Guru (Tony Robbins), Brené Brown on both Ted-X and Netflix, the documentary Heal, The Power of the Heart, and so many more! I also find watching documentaries of nature on Discovery or National Geographic very grounding and humbling. Animals can easily bring a smile to our faces!

6 Spend quality time with your kids and laugh.
Children often would love to spend more time with you! Ask them what they would like to do. Maybe Truth or Dare is a nice game to also connect with your children. If you can do something that brings a smile to your faces, that’s also good for your immunity! If you don't always feel so cheerful, then citrus oils are a great way to lift your spirits! Think Wild Orange, Tangerine or Citrus Bliss.

7 Take a sunbath in your garden/balcony.
Such great weather the past week! The sun is showering us with its spring rays. Vitamine D is also good for your immune system, so take everyday some sunshine if you can. Another option is supplementing with a good quality Vitamine D. Make sure to protect your skin in a healthy way when you out in the sun.

8 Take the online course you hadn’t time for.
I signed up for an online aromatherapy certification course! I hope to get a good part of the course done during this quarantine! What course would you like to take? Is there a language you’d like to learn? Do you want to learn to work with Photoshop? Learn speaking in public or effective marketing? Want to take a photo course? How to cook vegan? Learn to play an instrument? Make desserts without sugar? There are many free courses online available! Sign up now that you have time and have fun! Difficulty to focus? InTune blend helps you to concentrate.

9 Sit, breathe consciously, feel your body.
One of the most important things we can do in life is get comfortable with ourselves. The other thing is to be in the now. The past is gone and the future is not yet here. We only have now. Now. Now. If you bring your attention inward and feel everything that is going on in your body, feel your feet on the floor, feel your heart beat, feel your but on the floor or chair, if you bring your consciousness to your body, the inevitable result is that you are in the now. If we go with our thoughts, they take us to enjoyable or painful experiences of the past or hopes or fears of the future. With our thoughts we are never in the now. So anchor to your body to detach from the mind. Follow your breathing 4 counts in, 4 counts hold, 4 counts out, 4 counts hold. Do this for a few minutes only and you will notice the peaceful state it brings you in. The HeartMath products are made to help you with using your breath to transform a stressful state in a more peaceful one. It lights up green if you’re breathing right and red when your body markers are stressed. The Inner Balance Trainer for example aids you in finding the right balance between head and heart (heart coherence) and helps to reduce stress.

inside10 Follow online yoga and meditation classes.
Since all the yoga studio’s are closed and all events are cancelled, many of these teachers have taken their classes and courses online. If you’ve been curious about yoga and meditation, this is your moment to practice it from your home! Davidji is someone who makes meditation simple and easy for everyone. Check his site for dozens of short and longer meditations. I'm doing Deepak Chopra's 21 day Abundance program (download the app). Love it! I started yoga last September and boy, do I miss it already after one week without it. It is an ancient practice from far before Christ to bring peace to the body, focus to the mind and keep the body flexible and strong. I highly recommend it! The longer you do it, the more you start to love it.
Recommended essential oils to anchor: Balance Grounding blend, the Anchor blend or any of the tree oils (Siberian Fir, Black Spruce, Cypress, Aborvitae). Recommended essential oils for meditation: Sandalwood, Cedarwood, InTune blend.

If you want to implement essential oils in your lifestyle, be sure to choose 100% pure oils.
If you see a bargain on Amazon, Wish, Bol or eBay, be sure it’s not the real deal. Buy from an official dealer. To shop for dōTERRA oils, go to the person who sent you the link to this blog or mydoterra.com/oilloversteam


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